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[Cup] 150ml glass_clover

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This is a glass cup with a clover to bring happiness.

150ml in size, the cup fits in one hand, perfect for a drink of water to take some pills or wash down your lunch!

It is also recommended as a small object to diversify your home cafe.

1 Clover / 4 Clovers,
There are two options, so choose according to your taste. It's even cuter when used together!

* material : glass
* size : 53(diameter) x 100 mm(height) (±5) / 150ml

1. There may be small bubbles or fine scratches that occurred during the manufacturing process.

2. The printing method of the cup is 'transfer printing'.
*Transfer printing: A method of printing on transfer paper, attaching it directly like a sticker, and baking it at a high temperature.

Therefore, the horizontal & vertical of the print may not be exactly aligned.
An inclination error of about 1mm-2mm is not a reason for failure.

3. The base of the cup may be slightly slanted.

4. The opening of the cup may be slightly uneven.
5. Because it is not a heat-resistant glass material, be careful when using hot water over 40℃.

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디자인: 4 clovers
디자인: 4 clovers

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