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This is a heat-resistant glass cup with the graphic expression of GOOD REST HAPPIER LIFE, the second campaign message of OH, LOLLY DAY!

* material : glass
* size : 70(diameter) x 90mm(height)(±5) / 300ml

The 300ml cup can be used casually and is recommended as a daily cup for use at the office or at home! It has a handle with a good grip, so you can enjoy both hot and cold drinks freely! (If you are a happy person who enjoys coffee, try using it as a coffee jug!)

* Since it is a heat-resistant glass product, it can be used up to 130℃-it can be sterilized with hot water, so cleaning is convenient.


1. There may be small bubbles or fine scratches created during the manufacturing process.

2. The printing method of the cup is 'transfer printing'.

📌 Transfer printing: A method of printing on transfer paper, attaching it directly like a sticker, and baking it at a high temperature. Therefore, the horizontal & vertical print may not match correctly. A slight error of about 1mm-2mm is not a reason for exchange.

3. The bottom of the cup may be slightly slanted, or the opening of the cup may be slightly uneven.

4. Be careful not to damage the corners as they may be vulnerable to impact.


All of OH, LOLLY DAY!'s design products, illustrations, and photographs are protected its trademark and intellectual property rights by law. Any imitations made of OH, LOLLY DAY!'s products will be subject to a lawsuit.

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