[Cup] 330ML Rainbow happier Glass

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A cup with cute lettering with the word happier in rainbow colors!
This is the first size of OH, LOLLY DAY!'s cup collection, and the perfect size for those who wanted a bigger cup!
The cup holds 330ml of beverages from juice, beer to coffee!

Enjoy a drink of cold ice and cool beverages in this Rainbow happier Cup!

* material :Ā glass
*Ā size : 70(diameter) x 137mm(height)Ā (Ā±5) / 330ml

1. Please do not use the dishwasher.
2. Use neutral detergent, or the print may fade.
3. Please slightly wash the surface for a longer duration of the product.
4. The edges of the cup might be slightly uneven.
5. The cup is not heat-proof, so please be careful when using water over 40 degrees.


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