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[Poster] YOO-NAN-EE poster

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Surprise! This is a large poster with cute Yoo-nan-ee (black) running with both hands up and Yoo-nan-ee (orange) flirting with a cute expression.
Stick it on the wall using washi tape or put it in a picture frame to try it out!
The cute Yoo-nan-ee will make you happier whenever you see it!

Yoo-nan-ee is a character who was born on OH, LOLLY DAY!'s 6th birthday in 2020. His name is 'Yoo-nan-ee' as an abbreviation for Silly Ghost Mon-nan-ee.
Like his name, he is always loud, cute, and has a quirky personality. It's Yoo-nan-ee's hobby to scare the other Mon-nan-ees,, but it's a secret that he's more surprised when he sees surprised Mon-nan-ees... There are rumors that Yoo-nan-ee is actually one of the Mon-nan-ees wearing a frock, but it's still a mystery which of the three Mon-nan-ees is the real Yoo-nan-ee- even they don't know!

Yoo-nan-ee will creep up on you throughout the year! Please look forward to meeting Yoo-nan-ee, who is always unpredictable.
(Please pay special attention to the Halloween season!)

 size : A3, 297 x 420mm

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Any imitations made of OH, LOLLY DAY!'s products will be subject to a lawsuit.

색상: orange
색상: orange

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