[Bag] O,LD! Lunch bag

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Introducing OH, LOLLY DAY!'s Lunch bag, perfect for all occasions-

Baby food bag, lunch bag, picnic bag, camping bag, etc.

The simple design makes it feel so easy to carry around, and the popping color adds a cute vibe.

It is made of solid material, so it does not change shape even when storing various items. It looks cute and all, but it can fit up to 6 large beer cans (500ml)!

size : 200 x 140 x 195mm (±5mm)


All of OH, LOLLY DAY!'s design products, illustrations, and photographs are protected its trademark and intellectual property rights by law. Any imitations made of OH, LOLLY DAY!'s products will be subject to a lawsuit.


색상: green
색상: green

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