[Badge] O,LD! Badge

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OH, LOLLY DAY!'s mascot the Mon-nan-ee trio in a badge :)

We chose a very unusual and unique method, which costs more but creates really high quality badges!

The curves don't protrude, so the colors and the drawings are clearer than most other badges.


The plating is very even and elegant.

Not too small but not too big, the badge is perfect on your clothes, pouch or pencil case as a fashion statement!


3 brothers : 33 x 16mm

mascot overall : 17 x 30mm

mascot yellow : 21 x 20mm



-There might be slight scratches due to the production process

-The sharp pin and small size of the badge may be dangerous for children, so please be careful when using near children.

All of OH, LOLLY DAY!'s design products, illustrations, and photographs are protected its trademark and intellectual property rights by law. Any imitations made of OH, LOLLY DAY!'s products will be subject to a lawsuit.

스타일: 3 brothers
스타일: 3 brothers

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