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“I want to be happier than yesterday.' Everyone wishes for the same thing, right?

But in reality, it's not so easy to achieve...

If things don't work out the way you want, or

you get scolded by the manager, or If you don't get good test scores...


HOWEVER! Even if you can't see it, if you look closely there is at LEAST one thing to be happy about.

Actually, there are many!

OH, LOLLY DAY! won't let you forget!


1day 1happy tracker with the included gradient sticker-

Fill the three-leaf clover and record moments of happiness.

If you store them together in the bag included in the set, you can save moments of happiness and cherish it later on.


This set includes envelopes and index stickers to help you archive your own happiness!


The enclosed index sticker can indicate the source of your happiness or the date of a happy event.

You can also categorize your happiness and collect them in the envelope.


Collect any records of happiness in an organized manner!

If you collect movie tickets, exhibition tickets, postcards from friends,

and other small pieces of happy memories into this envelope,

It will become your own precious memory envelope:


There is a small circular hole at the top.

Hang it on a visible place such as a refrigerator or front door.

Casually and daily collect and observe your happiness.

When you see the happiness that is gradually building up, you will automatically smile.


The more you use it, the more refreshing the color feels!

If you attach a gradient sticker, the clover will look more three-dimensional!

Fill in your own clover with a felt-tip pen or crayon if you like :)


1.It's ok if it's a small moment, if it makes you happy, then record it!

It's ok if it's a small moment, When it comes to happiness, the smaller it is, the easier to miss, and if you don't write it down, it will fade away.


However, if you write it down, even if it’s in very short sentences, you can hold onto your happiness.

Record the moment of happiness in the space below and fill in the clover, one for each sentence.

On the day when the clover is full, you will feel that your life is happier.


2. Record your baby's childhood memories!

From the moment your baby is born, to the day you name him/her,

the day you see the sunset for the first time with your baby, and

the first day the baby says ‘Mom/Dad’.

Record the precious moments you have with your child.

For those who have been postponing to write the parenting diary because of the burden having to write a long essay,

this is the perfect item!


Record the month on the index sticker on the envelope, so that you can

organize the memories by your baby's age- it will be a very precious gift for your child later!


3. Try it with your family.


Record it with your family, friends and lovers!

It's good to record your own happiness but

Happiness is greater when you share it with the person you love!

Record the days Dad didn't smoke or whenever your family does chores for you and thank them!

Leaving a compliment or a sign of love-Isn't it romantic?

As time passes and clovers are filed, you will feel much happier!



<1day1happy tracker set>

- Envelope & Index sticker (1sheet)

- Tracker (5sheets, 150days)

- Gradation Sticker (3sheets, 180pieces)


<1day1happy Tracker & sticker>

- Tracker (10sheets, 300days)

- Gradation Sticker (5sheets, 300pieces)


<1day1happy Envelope & Index sticker>

- Envelope (1sheet)

- Index sticker (1heet)

- Envelope : 158 x 235mm

- Tracker : 140 x 210mm
- Gradation Sticker : 85 x 140mm
- Index sticker : 130 x 60mm


※Precautions for purchase

* Small dots may have been slightly scattered when printing.

This is not a reason for exchange/return, so if this bothers you, please purchase carefully.

Contents: 1day1happy tracker set
Contents: 1day1happy tracker set

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