[Calendar] A daily checking habit _ 35days

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Everyone has a new years resolution, right?

How do you keep your small and big goals that keep popping up throughout the year?


This diary is here to get you back on track from not being able to keep your goal for over a month!

This is the 'Daily checking habit for 35 days!'

You can give yourself 35 days to keep a habit !


Use the goal calendar like this:

1. In the 'Objective', write your goal, small or big!

2. Decide if you need to work on this goal everyday or on special dates.

3. You can write a memo in the 35 square boxes

4. On the bottom, you can write how many days you’ve succeeded or missed out!


This is for people like this:

People who want to wear a bikini in the summer,

People who have a D-Day for a big exam,

Couples who want to document the 100 days they've been together... etc!

Even small goals, when made into a BIG DEAL, will make you feel more accomplished!


This is a set of 100 pages, so you can plan for 3500 days in total!

You can take off page by page, and paste using masking tape.


size : 197 x 272mm / 100 sheets 



This is folded once and then packed in a vinyl cover. If you are sensitive to folds, please consider before making a purchase.

There might be slight folds during production or packaging.

Small dots might have scattered during the production process.

The daily checking habit is composed of 100 pages, but there may be 1-2 pages difference.

This is not suitable for exchange/refund, so please take it into consideration before making a purchase.

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