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For those who have a lot of work to do, but aren’t feeling motivated, yet still want to do your job well! Pay attention here!

With 'My Project Planner', you will stay focused and become a time management magician!

We made this product with the thought that it would be nice to have a planner where you can see the overall timeline and details of various projects at a glance. We often use the timeline function in Notion to coordinate schedules between projects that are running at the same time, but we wanted to make a tool that could be viewed more intuitively than that.

1. You can see the overall timeline of the project on a monthly basis.

2. Hang it on the wall or use it comfortably on your desk.

3. Great for work as well as personal projects.


size : 297 x 210mm / 3mm / 15 sheets (14month, 70weeks)


📌 TIP! If you have a goal of losing 3kg per month, write down small goals such as 'drinking 2 liters of water a day' or 'a 30-minute walk every morning' in the timeline calendar and check if you cleared the mission every day. You can even write down what you ate or a short note in the space below!


The spring of the diary is just the right size and the 220g thick paper prevents the papers from revealing what’s written on the pages in the back!

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