[Cap] Happiness everywhere cap

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One of our classic ball caps with the lettering 'HAPPINESS IS EVERY WHERE' embedded!
- The hat will fit perfectly on any head shape
- You can adjust the size freely with the strap
- The thin cotton fabric is perfect for all weathers!

material : cotton 100%
size : free

Please note before making a purchase
1. The hats may vary slighlty in size
2. The color may look slightly different according to your monitor screen

Washing Tips
1. Wipe away contaminated areas with a wash wipe and if needed, use a soft brush while washing. Make sure to dry in shade.

2. If the hat needs a thorough wash, please set the water temperature to below 30 degrees and use neutral detergent, and carefully wash by hand. Do not ring the hat and dry in shade.

3. Vivid colors might wear off, so wash separately from other laundry and do not keep in the water for too long.

4. Do not put in the drier.
색상: navy
색상: navy

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