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We created this diary hoping that it will become a precious friend to you,

asking you everyday the following very important question: 'How was your day?'


You write one page per day, and the diary will make you think about how your day was.


The pages are pretty thick, but quite light, so you will fall in love with the material instantly.

It's not heavy at all to carry around with you in your bag.

The pages are slightly grey toned rather than just plane white-it will be more comforting to your eyes.

There are 5 colors to choose from, white, black, orange, broccoli and navy.


The cover is a hardcover with a fine texture.

The title is pressed on the front, the side and the back to elevate the elegant mood.

We didn't do an additional coat because we wanted this book to age with you.


If you need somewhere to tell your story,

If you want to do some calligraphy everyday,

If you are a mother who wants to document how your child was everyday,

and if you need somewhere to tell an honest story

Then we hope that this will be that friend for you!


size : 115 x 175 x 15mm / 192 pages



- There might be slight scratches on the cover

-This is not a planner, so if you are looking for scheduling, this may not be the right diary for you.

색상: white
색상: white

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