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Mes 12 mois means 'my twelve months' in French.

A day becomes a month, a month becomes a year, and years add up to make our lives. How will our lives change if we cherish each day? We have been making this diary for 8 years in the hope that someone's precious day will be recorded. This is a year long diary, with no dates written inside so you can start the year any time you would like!


We focused on making the design as simple as possible so that you can enjoy it for a long time!

OH, LOLLY DAY! is proud of the unique and lovely colors and the naming of these colors, something that we change every year. This time, we were inspired by the trip Lolly made to rainy Paris a long time ago. That day when she was walking in the foggy park in the morning, and the sunlight shone on the grass-she still remembers how surreal it felt.

Last year we made the colors very vivid, so this year, we selected a more toned-down color scheme.


size : 140 x 188mm / 192 pages


<page info>

- intro :1p

- yearly plan : 2-3p

- monthly plan / 13month : 4-29p

- weekly plan / 54weeks : 30-137p

- line note : 138-157p

- plain : 158-177p

- checklist : 178-191p

- personal information : 192p


We've created the <OH, LOLLY DAY Diary Rule> which we have been sticking to since version 1 which is the secret to our much loved series of diaries.

1. Start the week on Monday ➞ Easier to manage weekday and weekend schedules

2. Neat and tidy without unnecessary decorations on the cover and inside

3. Light bookbinding that is not heavy to carry and opens wide in 360 degrees

4. Make the PVC and urethane covers as an optional purchase, not mandatory. ➞ To reduce unnecessary waste, PVC and urethane covers are optional so that only those who want them can purchase them.

5. Matte coated cover ➞ It has the advantage of being strong against contamination and being slightly waterproof!

6. Use 100g off-white paper ➞Easy on the eyes because they don't reflect too much light when writing under the light.


Always remember!

This is OH, LOLLY DAY!'s best and steady seller

This is limited in quantity (created only once or twice during the end and beginning of the year)

This is for people who:

1. like to collect diaries in series

2. like to use diaries that don't set the dates for you

3.wants a simple diary that you can decorate easily



1. There may be some stains formed during the process of gluing the inner pages and the cover because of the heat. It's not a big stain, but it can stand out a bit on the covers with darker colors.

2. The angle of the spine may not be perfectly straight.

3. Due to the nature of the matte coating (laminated), there may be micro scratches.

4. In order to reduce contamination as much as possible, the diaries are shrink wrapped directly from the factory. Therefore, the inner pages may not have been fully inspected 100%. Before use, be sure to check the inner lining, and if any problems with binding or contamination are found, contact the customer center. We will help you with the exchange process right away!

5. Slight signs of lines that are used as guides for cutting the pages may be visible. Please keep this in mind when making a purchase!

색상: Tennis
색상: Tennis

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