[Diary] Month by month

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The corners may slightly vary in size.


For those who felt too much pressure committing to a diary for an entire YEAR,

For those who easily get tired of things,

For those who couldn't keep a diary for more than a month,

For those who need more than 1 diary for a year because they have so much to write, this is the perfect diary for you.


You can use a new diary for EACH MONTH- get that refreshing feeling as if we are starting a new year, except it's each month!

There are just as many pages in the diary as the days of each month (there are a few extra empty pages for use),

which is perfect to motivate you to write every day.

The threads match the cover of the diary, and you can spread the diary all the way - much easier to write on.


The size is just perfect- fits right in one hand, so you can take it everywhere or for traveling too!

Each page for One day consists of a Checklist, lines and a blank page- you can use them for work, short memo, and writing a diary!


The cover doesn't get contaminated easily, but for those who like it extra clean can use the pvc transparent cover which can be purchased as an option.


size : 95 x 188mm / 68 pages 



* The corners of the notes might have a very slight sign of being bent, although we only send products that have been thoroughly checked and have no obvious issue. Please consider this before you purchase.


*Due to the traits of the paper and printing, there may be some spots that have been made during the printing process. We only send products that don't have obvious issues, but please consider this before you purchase.


* The threads used on the outside and the inside are different, so if the outer thread is red, it might have permeated through the inside thread slightly. Please consider this before you purchase.

Month: January 1
Month: January 1

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