[Envelope] O,LD! gift envelope set ver.1

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size envelope 150X90X270 mm (3pieces) / sticker 150X270 mm


If you bought a gift, but don't want to make it too official

BUT you can't just hand it over without wrapping it,

we have the perfect gift wrapper!


This humorous sandwich bag style envelope will make your gift more special!


1 white envelope with 2 Mon-nan-ees printed in red color,

1 white envelope with a cheerful message in blue,

1 craft paper envelope with the entire side printed in tone-down red,

And one sticker pack consisting of various stickers


Don't worry if you don't have a masking tape or ribbon at home.

With the sticker pack that comes in the set, you will be able to find

a long sticker that can take place of a masking tape or ribbons,

a message sticker that will take place of a card,

and stickers of various shapes for decoration!


You will find great use of these envelope sets if you have them stored for a special occasion that never comes with a warning!



- white envelope 2 sheets

- red envelope 1sheet

- sticker 1sheet


size : envelope 150 x 90 x 270mm / sticker 150 x 270mm 


※Notes on purchase


White envelope:

Due to the manufacturing process, ink may bleed or smear back and forth on the paper.

It has a rough and vintage charm!

Please note that this part is not defective :)

Red envelope:

Red envelopes have a higher top length than white envelopes

Made 1 cm larger.


sticker : A matte-coated sticker, when writing a message, please avoid pens with ink that will spread-we recommend markers!

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