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size - 140 x 120 mm (thickness: 10mm)
color - red/ green black

The Good habit collector file will help you create a good habit!
You can choose from 3 color choices of the Good habit tracker files, fill them in with Good habit tracker pages and carry the file anywhere!
It will look super cute on your desk or inside your bag!
Anything regarding habits, can be stored here.
On the back, you can write the date on the index for archiving purposes!

Precautions before making a purchase:
1. When the file is open, the size is about an A5 paper, and the actual space for storage is slightly shorter than 210mm
2. The file is a thick paper and it's coated- the inside isn't coated, so there might be some smudging of the colors
3. The file is bonded together so it won't rip off easily.


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색상: red
색상: red

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