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You can't stop using the PopSockets once you've tried it for the first time-

There's a cute OH, LOLLY DAY! design on the PopSockets, and the epoxy adds cuteness.

Try it with the OH, LOLLY DAY! phone case to add 1000000 times cuteness!

* material : PC, TPU, IRON, Gep-tape
* size : 39mm (TOP) / 23mm (EXPANDED)

✅Attachment method

1. Clean the surface where the PopSocket is to be attached.

2. Remove the protective film on the adhesive pad on the back of thePopSocket.

3. After attaching it in place, check if you like the placement

4. If there is no change in the position, press firmly.

5. In winter, the adhesive may become cold and harden, so please attach it after slightly raising the temperature in a warm place.


✅Separation method

While holding the mobile phone, insert two fingers into the upper part of the PopSocket body and gently lift it up with a constant force to release it naturally.

Pulling it in the vertical direction with excessive force may affect product damage.


✅When the PopSocket ring falls off

When the PopSocket is separated from the smartphone, the ring sometimes comes off.

1. Check the area between the body and the ring.

2. Insert the ring into thePopSocket body.

3. Align the ring with the inside of the PopSocket body and fit it in from one side first.

4. Align the grooves and projections, and press them together in order to combine the rings.


✅ When there is dust on the adhesive

PopSocket's adhesive uses a removable gel pad. The removable adhesive pad has the advantage of being relatively easy to attach and detach and can be washed with water, but frequent detachment and washing weakens the adhesion. Rinse it off (without detergent). However, if soil, sand, or excessive dust gets on the adhesive, the adhesive function almost disappears. Please reduce the number of detachments as much as possible :)


✅Cell phone or case type that cannot use PopSocket

1. Special Coating Models with special coatings such as AF coating (eg black series of iPhone 7)

2. Curved cases

3. A product with irregularities and embossing patterns

4. All iPhone models released after iPhone 8 made of glass

5. Leather cases and battery covers - adhesive and chemical reaction will damage the leather.

6. The silicone case made of jelly material with silicone does not stick to the adhesive. All cases handled by OH, LOLLY DAY! can be used with PopSocket, so you can use them with confidence :)


All of OH, LOLLY DAY!'s design products, illustrations, and photographs are protected its trademark and intellectual property rights by law. Any imitations made of OH, LOLLY DAY!'s products will be subject to a lawsuit.

색상: mascot_yellow
색상: mascot_yellow

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