[Key ring] MNNS Cushion key ring

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The softest, cutest, roundest key ring ever! - The MNNs cushion key ring that fits perfectly in your hand!

material : Nylon, Metal
size :
- Molly : 70 * 70mm (±5)
- Que : 60 * 60mm (±5)
- Curly : 60 * 60mm (±5)
- Key ring : 65mm

- The design was made to appear as similar to the MNNs face as possible!

- Due to the manufacturing process, the exact shape might slightly vary, and the shape might alter according to how it is used.

- The fabric might have lint attached from other fabric or a slight loose thread- the location of the stitch might slightly vary from product to product.

- Measurements might slightly vary depending on how you measure the product.

- The label on the back is attached by an adhesive, and if you scratch the edges of the label, it might fall off. This is not regarded as a faulty product and will not be eligible for an exchange/refund. 

- Please do not put it in your mouth (Parental guide is suggested when infants are around).
스타일: Molly
스타일: Molly

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