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[Mat] O,LD! message coil mat

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Perfect item to spice up your space, especially on your doorstep, in front of the pantry door, or at a cafe!

-The material is washable, so you can keep it in the most clean state with ease!

-Also a perfect housewarming gift!


size : 600 X 400 mm (±5mm)


Washing tip

1. Place the mat facing downwards, and toss it around to get rid of any dirt on the surface.

2. Pour a bit of detergent on a soft bristle brush and use it to remove any stains.

3. Use water to wash away the detergent, and a neutral detergent if the rug is dirty.

4. Dry the rug in breezy shade (do not dry the mat under direct sunlight)

*Do NOT use the washing machine, the drier, iron, dry-cleaning or bleach!


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