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From stickers collected from traveling around the world to stickers from your favorite brands or cafes,

AND the stickers you have collected for diary decorations- you can collect and store all of them in one place.

Introducing the sticker collecting book.


The product is made of coated paper that is perfect for the sticker to attach and detach with ease.


Stickers that make you happy just looking at them- they are worthy of collecting and storing in a selection.

You can easily peel off the sticker you want when you need it.


After filling your collection book with your favorite stickers,

Complete a collection full of your own taste!

Smartly collect stickers with the sticker collection book!


size : 100 x 130mm (±5mm)


✅ Due to the manufacturing process, the finishing of the edge of the product may have some faults. This part is not a reason for exchange or return, so if this bothers you, please purchase carefully.

✅ Due to the nature of the coated paper, there may be a difference in the gloss of the front and back surfaces.

색상: Black
색상: Black

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