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“Our days are full of happy events!”

A lunch menu that was better than you expected, a supportive message from a friend, a beautiful alley that you walked into by mistake..

This product is a handy notebook that can record simple drawings or scraps of small happiness in a short text.


On the left side of the note you can do a simple drawing or make a collage.

On the right side, you can write a simple text.

It is a small size that fits comfortably in one hand.

Carry it lightly and record the small happy moments that suddenly come to you at any time of the day


The product is made of high-quality colored paper with beautiful vivid colors and textures

The texts are printed by the white spot color printing method, giving it a vintage mood.


* The white text is subtle as if it was naturally embedded on colored paper.



It is a convenient size that fits in one hand and is easy to carry.

If you are thinking "Maybe I should write this down somewhere.." !',

Don't hesitate, write it on the 1day 1happy handy notebook!

Once you read the whole book all over again,

It will be your own collection of happiness gathered together with happy smiles.


size : 105 x 75mm


※Precautions for purchase

* Minor scratches may occur during production.

* Due to the nature of bookbinding, if the upper and lower threads are loose, The folds may pop slightly.

* Small dots may have scattered when printing. This is not a reason for exchange/return, If you are sensitive to such issues, please purchase carefully.

색상: green
색상: green

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