[Notebook] Handy notebook

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Handy Notebooks are perfectly travel-sized-they fit right in your hand.

When. you need to make a quick note, but the regular notebook is too heavy, these Handy Notebooks will be the perfect items!

The covers are coated, which makes them withstand folding or pollution.

The pages inside are ivory, making them easy on the eyes and perfect to write on.

Most of all, the vibrant color palettes of the small notebooks will make your days happier! :-)


size : 95 x 75 x 20mm / 160 sheets 


Please note before making a purchase:

1. There may be minor scratches made in the production process

2. There may be small spots created during the printing process. These are not subject to return/exchange, so please take this into account before making a purchase.

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스타일: mascot

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