[Notebook] LHH drawing book

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This is a high-quality drawing book that we've been working on for a long time.

It is also recommended as a brainstorming notebook to jot down thoughts that come to your mind before they escape!

let your hand move freely on its own, and you will feel the scope of your thought expand.

They come in two sizes, small (black) and medium (blue).

You can select and use it according to your desired taste.


Both the cover and the pages inside are made of high-quality imported paper.

We tested dozens of papers and selected only the best.

You can also tear off the page with ease.


Draw your own happiness!


size : small(black) : 150 x 105mm 


* Small dots may have scattered when printing.

This is not a reason for exchange/return, so please purchase carefully.

The binding makes it convenient to use one sheet at a time!

사이즈: small (black)
사이즈: small (black)

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