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The pocket notebook will treasure your memories day by day.

Due to many inquiries for restock, this notebook has been renewed and re-released.

If you collect receipts daily, this notebook will become a finance tracker.

or if you use it as a travel notebook, you can record your memories one by one.


Various pieces and inspirations of your daily life can be

kept in this special notebook.

A rubber band is attached to the cover to keep the contents from falling off!

* The notebook becomes thicker when you put the contents inside, so the string was made with a little more room.

One index sticker is included.

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size : 92 x 175mm / 20 sheets, 40 pages


※Precautions for purchase

* The cover is not coated, so there may be minor scratches or small stains.

* Small dots may have scattered when printing. This is not a reason for exchange/return, so if you are sensitive to such issues, please purchase carefully.

색상: green
색상: green

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