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OH, LOLLY DAY!'s best seller has come back with new additional colors!
This version has 10 color variations, with the cute detail of the Mon-nan-ee stitch.

The pencil case has many uses- of course it can store stationaries, but it can also store make-up brushes, or sunglasses!

If you are looking for a pencil case that won't rattle or make too much sound, this is perfect!
Pick whichever color you like!

size : 9 x 20cm (±5mm)

Precautions before making a purchase:
1.There may be small threads that are not in place.
2. There might be a slight difference in size.
3. The zipper might be slightly slanted.
4. Please use a mild detergent and hand washing.
5. These are not reasons for return/exchange, so please take this into account before making a purchase.


All of OH, LOLLY DAY!'s design products, illustrations, and photographs are protected its trademark and intellectual property rights by law.
Any imitations made of OH, LOLLY DAY!'s products will be subject to a lawsuit.

색상: green
색상: green

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