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-Small pouch that fits right in your hand or your pocket!
-Use it as a purse with a few coins or a credit card, or a make-up pouch with lip balm!
-Organize and compartmentalize your bag with this pouch!
-6 color choices of Pink/ Red/ Blue/ Lime/ Ivory/ Black
-Each color has its own texture, so please make sure you check before you buy!

material : pink, red (cotton) / blue, lime, ivory, black (nylon)
size : 120 x 85mm (±5mm)

*There’s also a medium size pouch that can be used for almost anything and a Large size pouch that fits books!

Washing Tip:

Pink, red (cotton)
1. Hand Wash using neutral detergent under lukewarm water.
2. When using the washing machine, use Wool & Delicates Shampoo Detergent and set the washing machine at the lingerie mode
3. Washing under hot water or drying in hot heat will cause cotton to deform, so please refrain from using the drier.
4. Strong color dye may affect other fabric, so wash separately.

Blue, lime, ivory, black (nylon)
1. Wipe the stain with water wipes and if necessary, use a soft bristle brush. Dry in shade.
2. If you need to wash the entire pouch, then we suggest you dry-clean, but in cases that this is not an option, hand wash in neutral detergent under lukewarm water and dry in shade-do not 3. squeeze the pouch to dry. (Do NOT use the drier)
4. Strong color dye may affect other fabric, so wash separately.
색상: lime
색상: lime

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