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The triangular pouch fits a lot more objects than it looks, and now it's back in corduroy fabric!

When you are traveling and you wish to organize your items, this will be perfect.

The triangle pouch can stand on its own and will stay balanced.

The pouch opens wide~ and so is very practical.

How to take care of corduroy

Corduroy is very warm during the winter, and is super soft.

However, it is quite a unique type of material that needs special care so please take a look at the following tips!

size : 22 x 15 x 8cm (±5mm)


Washing tip

1. Use lukewarm water and neutral detergent and make sure that the pouch is totally drenched in the mix.

2. Make sure that the detergent goes all the way through the thick layer of the material.

3. Dry in shade.

4. Too much heat will make the corduroy shrink.

5. If you stretch the fabric while it's wet, the pouch may stretch out.

6. Use a gentle brush to straighten the weaves of the fabric while drying.


1. There might be a slight difference in size

2. There might be some threads sticking out

3. The color may vary according to your monitor

4.Please refer to the washing tip above

5.The label might not be totally straight.


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색상: light grey
색상: light grey

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