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PVC cover (mes 12 mois, twenty twenty_big)

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The diary cover to fit OH, LOLLY DAY!'s mes 12 mois ver.1 and 2!

If you want to keep your diary safe from contamination or folds, please purchase the cover as an option!


How to use the cover:

Bring the diary covers (the front and the back) to the back,

Slide them through the wings of the PVC cover at the same time.

Inside the wings, you can store stickers, tickets and other small pieces that you would like to keep with your diary.(See, Eat, Stay and Write travel notes, which come with a PVC cover, and Month by Month Diaries, which don't come with a PVC cover,are the same size, so you can use the PVC cover for both)


*The cover comes in a vinyl envelope (without the paper package in the image)


size : 298 x 191 mm (±2mm) 


Please read before making a purchase:

1. The PVC cover is sensitive to temperature. It will loosen in warm temperature,

which is perfect for when putting on the diary! Afterwards, it will fit right onto the cover without coming off loose.

On the other hand, the PVC cover might break under cold temperatures and it might tear away while you are putting the cover on.

Please keep the product warm before putting it over your diary when you first get it delivered!


2. Due to the material's traits, it may seem smaller than the diary size and may feel too fit.

3. There might be a slight difference of 2 mm depending on the weather and the production date. Please read the size before making a purchase if you are using it for another product.

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