[Rug] MNNS 3brothers rug

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This is a square rug with a pleasant message from Molly & Que & Curly. The trios are the Mon-nan-ees, the mascots of OH, LOLLY DAY!.

There is nothing better than a rug as a cute interior item!

In the studio, it will serve as a space divider, and it will do a great job of lighting up the empty floor, such as the front door or bathroom door, sofa, under the sink, and a cozy seat for your dog.
Highly recommended if you want to change the atmosphere of your space with little effort!

size : 910 X 463 mm (±10mm)

* The bottom of the rug is treated with non-toxic rubber, so it does not slide too much when placed on the floor.

How to wash:
1. Use a hose to wet the rug and clean with a neutral detergent and brush.
2. When using the washing machine, use a mild detergent under a soft mode, and try to avoid spin-drying.
However, we recommend washing with a brush rather than a washing machine.
3. When drying, avoid direct sunlight and dry in the shade.

Please read before making a purchase!
1. Do not use bleach!
2. No strong washing or strong dehydration using the washing machine!
3. Do not dry in direct sunlight!
4. Yarn from other fabric might come with the product due to the production process.
5. The seams may protrude slightly or the seams at the edges may be uneven.

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