[Sticker] O,LD! Alphabet sticker pack

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This is an alphabet sticker set that allows you to freely express your name, initials, special anniversaries, moods of the day, and words that you like to write with a pen. It's packed with uppercase alphabets, numbers, and frequently used special symbols, and comes in a set of four colors, so you'll be the first to get started decorating.


There are times when one sticker is ten times better than ten handwritten letters. In particular, there are many uses for alphabet stickers, so once you buy them, you will be able to use them very well. It has a handwritten typography design, so it goes well with any item. It's okay to stick to anything that comes in contact with water-it has a waterproof surface! It would also be great to put your name on a simple detergent or shampoo bottle.


The four colors are different, so it's good to mix them together.

Black and blue are basic colors, so they are easy to match anywhere,

and stripes are irregularly divided within a single letter, so you can feel a unique sense of rhythm when you put them side by side.


The size of each letter is not too large, so you can decorate various spaces such as diaries, mobile phones, and photo cards.


size : 100 x 148 mm

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