[Sticker] O,LD! Calendar stickers

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For those who can't be bothered to write the dates on the year long diary,

if you don't like your handwriting or if you've made a mistake while writing it,

then this is the perfect sticker to replace your handwriting!


We've created two options of typography stickers for you to choose from - the round but neat font and the OH, LOLLY DAY! handwriting font!


For a natural look, we thought that the stickers shouldn't stand out too much, so we created it on a transparent sticker with a matte coating (water proof!) At one glance, you won't notice that it's a sticker!


This contains 1 year's worth of calendars.

Use this to decorate the year long diary!

The size fits OH, LOLLY DAY's year long diary, mes12mois perfectly, FYI!


It doesn't matter which year you purchase this,

and you can use it on any kind of paper, not just diaries!

 size : 95 x 120mm / 3 sheets


1. The numbers may not sit perfectly in the center of the sticker

2. There might be some areas where the cutting was not deep enough. Please use the cutter to remove it!

스타일: typography
스타일: typography

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