[Sticker] O,LD! Drawing sticker pack

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Simple but very practical sticker set!

The carefree designs that look like they've been doodled on, will create a very unique look- attaching just a few of them will make your journal entry stand out!

It's perfect for our Happiers who don't like their own handwriting or can't be bothered to draw!

Lines, circles, arrows and highlights can sometimes be the most difficult thing EVER to draw.

The sticker pack has all those simple but not easy to draw details!

You can use it to decorate your journal entry naturally as if you were drawing or writing it.

Just attaching one or two will be enough!

In addition, a matte coating was applied to the transparent material.

Since the surface of the sticker is not shiny, it does not irritate the eyes

and goes well with diaries, mobile phones, laptops, photo cards, etc.

It is a set of 2 color and 2 black and white sheets. On days when you want to use a lot of colored pens, use black and white,

If you want to delight your eyes with just a sticker, feel free to decorate with color stickers!

The stickers have cut lines to make it easier to write. Once you have chosen the design you want, remove it immediately and stick it on!

*1 pack comes with 4 stickers


size : 100 x 148mm / 4 sheets

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