[Sticker] O,LD! Mascot emotion sticker

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How about getting help from the OH, LOLLY DAY!'s mascot, the Mon-nan-ees to express how you felt today?

There is a smile Mon-nan-ee and a sad Mon-nan-ee sticker- 35 of each emotion in two pages!

This is perfect for journaling or OH, LOLLY DAY!'s 1 year, 100 days, 35 days, goal calendar!


The color is very vivid, and doesn't leave a trace once taken off, so you can stick them to your laptop or your phone!


size : 125 x 175mm 

smile mascot : 2sheets

sad mascot : 2sheets

smile mascot (20 sheets)

스타일: smile mascot
스타일: smile mascot

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